"Totally winning at life at the moment"

Alright, so my dear friend Sarah and I decided following a late night Scoopon trawl, to go rockclimbing at City Summit in Malaga. Awesome place and we had loads of fun, except for one BIG mistake – Sarah quite proudly proclaimed prior to our adventure that she was “totally winning at life at the moment”. 
Mistake: Charlie Sheen is the only person that can make this statement within any superstitious repercussions. 
Consequence: Whilst we were climbing (free climbing sans harness up a maybe 4 metre wall?), I was about to switch my camera settings to action shot and this happened… Sarah feel from above that yellow line. As such, she tore a few ligaments in her foot and has been on crutches since the event (3 weeks) and visiting the physio twice a week – why she is complaining about having to visit the physio twice a week I do not know – he is a bit’a alright.


Action shot of Sarah “winning at life”.

Aside from Sarah’s mishap, it was a totally awesome 2 hours. We got our Scoopon’s for $9 for an entire day of rock climbing (including harness and chalk which we pleaded for), which even at the normal price of $18 is a bargain for a full day of entertaining and an agonising work out. They also have a cafe there which overlooks the climbing area. 
So note to self – don’t make any Charlie Sheen style proclamations – it is guaranteed to backfire. Here are the rest of the photos including the one where I got stuck. 
 Stuntman mat at the base of the free wall. 

Milliseconds before the infamous fall. 

I decided to have a go at self-belaying (no person at the bottom holding your rope – rather, you are attached to a rope that works with like a seat belt). And I got stuck. I do look totally pro doing the climb. 
I am off to hang out my washing. I will have pretty awesome news to share later this week (no Mum, I am not pregnant). 

One thought on “"Totally winning at life at the moment"

  1. Lucent Imagery

    Fun! (apart from your friend's fall of course). We climb outdoors occasionally, but always with a helmet as I can't see what's around me and rely on feel more than sight. I bump my head a lot on the rocks above me, hence the helmet! I prefer to climb up than abseil down nowadays. It's such a great feeling. Enjoy your week!


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