Ten Things about me

1. I live in Perth, Australia

 2. I have two degrees. Bachelor of Science (Psychology) & Bachelor of Commerce (HRM & IR)

(They are yet to prove themselves useful in finding me an awesome job)

 3. My BFF is my lover/boyfriend/cuddle buddy


 4. I have an amazing family

(I miss them loads)

 5. I have some wonderful (slightly bizarre at times) friends

 6. I have a dog named Marley

(& she thinks she is human)

 7. I have a slight tea pot obsession

(14 & counting)

 8. I am delusional at the best of times

(and you will see some strange photos to prove this point)

 9. I believe that jeans and a t-shirt are the height of ‘stylish’


10. I think “amazeballs” is the most under-utilised word in the English language

If you would like to contact me at all you can on

Email    Facebook   Twitter

And that is about all there is to know about me. Read along, laugh with me (and at me) and stay a while.


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