Monthly Archives: August 2012

Too much tea

So I can’t sleep. I have come to the conclusion that it was the two cups of tea I had this evening (yes I know that it is very sad that the caffeine from two cups of tea after 6pm keeps me awake but you haven’t seen me drink wine yet). So my mind got distracted and I am now thinking about food. Specifically this vegetarian chilli con carne from Jamie Oliver’s website


. Not only are the recipes super tasty but they are so easy even my little big brother could do them (little big cos he is younger but 6’4″).
So go check it out and I am going to attempt to sleep so I can dream about the food!

Shower goddess


I have recently discovered that this is exactly what I do not look like whilst having a shower (despite my prior thoughts I feeling like a shower goddess in a Garnier commercial). I have concluded that when I am engaging in the ‘full treatment’ (aka hair wash, shave legs and scrub shower) I am in my most unattractive state EVER.

Not only is my hair in some weird scraped up heap on top of my head with some strange coloured hair treatment in it and my legs are covered in my boyfriends shaving cream while I attempt to use my razor that it is so blunt it may as well be considered ‘child-proof’, I also have a set of teeth whitening trays in my mouth which allows a subsequent drool to appear. Following the shaving of my legs, I then conclude the whole routine in the most awful, unholy of positions as I attempt to scrub the corners of the shower at the floor.

The only plus of this whole ‘look’ (dear I say) is that should any creepy predator attempt to sexually assault me whilst I am in the shower, my unattractiveness at that very moment should send them running away.

What is your most unattractive moment of the day?

Sleep time

Marley has taken to sleeping with her ‘spare Tiger’. I bought her a little soft Tiger when I first got her, which she still has. Although, knowing how devastated she would be if Tiger got lost or eventually fell apart, she now has a spare – almost identical. This is how Marley sleeps with her Tiger(s). Time for us to go to sleep – Marley is on the bed, in her bed whilst Blake is away in Melbourne for training. Night xx

Salme Sewing Patterns

PDF Sewing pattern - Peplum top

Pussy Bow Top PDF Sewing Pattern

PDF Sewing pattern - Kimono sleeve dress

Today, whilst doing my assignments, I got distracted. And boy was it a decent distraction. I discovered Salme Sewing Patterns. And so, like any good citizen, I bought three for AUD$17.66 (US$18).  Each pattern is simple and easily adaptable. What I also like about them is that Elisa (the creator of Salme Sewing Patterns) is only an email away if you get stuck!

So do yourself a favour, and if you have a slight interest in making pretty things, go and snap up some patterns! I shall be making these as soon as my assignments are all finished 🙂

PDF Sewing patterns - Buy any 3 for 18 USD

four by four

I have very strategically (NOT) created a mess for myself that involves completing four massive assignments in four days. So whilst I am sinking into Marketing, Law, Ethics and Occupational Health and Safety, Blake is enjoying the finer things in life – for example, this beer that he found as part of a stash in the bar. This beer (apparently the best beer he has ever had) is from his 21st birthday. He is now 28. The expiry date on the beer is 2005, but apparently, it is the best beer he has ever had.

Maybe things do get better with age?