An Ed-u-cation




Woot day 2. I came back again. This could be successful. 

Today I am meant to teach/educate you about something. There are several things I could discuss but I have one that is close to my heart:

Coffee, more specifically burnt coffee and how to avoid it.

A good coffee should not require sugar. An amazing coffee should not even require milk. Now this may be controversial but this is coming from a person who was forced to carry three plates of Oysters Kilpatrick out to a table of very fancy business men after said oysters had been on ice, under a heater. Needless to say, given my inexperienced tri-plate carrying skills and melted ice, a hefty dry cleaning bill followed. Anyway, I learnt to make coffee for fancy rich people when I worked in a very laady-da restaurant in South Perth. So, how to make could coffee. 

The coffee should be freshly ground. A clean machine. The water should be hot and clean – the more chemicals (fluoride, chlorine etc) in the water, the worse it is going to taste.  If you ever want amazing coffee, get it from a place that uses rain water – heaven! Anyway, good quality milk (organic & full cream) and last, and most importantly, a clean Portafilter (that’s the thing that they fill with the freshly ground coffee and then lock into the machine which the water drains through and gives you the coffee goodness). One of the biggest mistakes made when “professionals” make coffee is that yes, that whack the used coffee grounds out into the bin but they very rarely actually clean the coffee grounds out of the Portafilter with hot water. It doesn’t matter if you plunge the Portafilter into a bucket of hot water or just rinse it with hot water from the machine, just clean the darn thing. If you don’t, you get that unpleasant burnt after taste from your coffee which you get with the majority of coffee’s from mass produced places. 

So that is my lecture for the day. It may be controversial. But cleanliness and good quality will give you a coffee to write home about. I know, I served the people who would send them back.

To taste what real coffee tastes like (this place is yet to fail me), go try the coffee (or hot chocolate which is also amazing) from the Green House on St George’s Terrace in Perth CBD. Now that sh*t is good! Below is a video on showing how the created the Green House – a recycling dream in the middle of the city. 

Let me know your thoughts about coffee and your favourite place to purchase liquid energy from.


Photo source: Join Me, Ruthie (from my birthday)
Video Source: The Green House

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