Tad Uncomfortable…

Sorry for my absence again. The week kinda of ran away… Today’s post is ‘what makes you uncomfortable’ and as I do not tend to photograph uncomfortable moments (with one exception) I will keep this brief.

1. Making small talk – it is a requirement of my job (meeting candidates/contractors etc) but I hate it.

2. The little bit of water that occasionally collects in the section where your drink bottle sits on the treadmill. I will change treadmills because of this.

3. T.M.I moments – how do you move on in a conversation from these???

4.  Walking into a function a realising you are completely under/over dressed. And then the ensuing uncomfortability that lingers for as long as you stay at said function.

5. When my boyfriend comes in, takes his shirt off and says “look I went and got cupping today” whilst proudly displaying back to me. Learn about cupping here. Apparently his back does feel good now, but I think it looks like he got kinky with a Giant Octopus and that makes me uncomfortable…



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