On the home straight

Today I began studying for my second last set of exams at uni. I remember counting when I had 36 exams to go until I graduated (second semester of my first year) and now I am into single digits – 8 to go! I begin my first one next Tuesday and thought that I would pull together some motivation to power through these exams.

So this is what I came up with 🙂









The above one is my new desktop background. I am giving new things a go this year – next month I will be giving up sugar (artificial & cane) and using other natural low GI sweetners instead such as honey.

AND in other news, a winner has been named for the name the squirrel comp. Ruth from Join me Ruthie scored the winning name with Eugene (I promise it was all fair – boyfriend picked the name and he has no idea what I blog about – thank goodness!). The Bluebird Vintage bangle and tea cosy is heading your way! 

BUT, I have a second winner too. Katie Ek decided on Avo and to celebrate the launch of my little Etsy store early next month, I shall be sending a tea cosy over your way too! YAY!

So lovelies, keep an eye out for my little store. I shall be linking it up on here when it is LIVE!

Night all xxx

One thought on “On the home straight

  1. ruthie

    Great time to celebrate when you are down to single digits with the exam tally. i do not envy having to write essays and take exams. instead i have to allocate every minute of my day to a patient or a meeting, and i have to write every assessment i do in notes. so its about the same!

    Im so proud of little eugene winning the challenge 😀 i cant wait for my tea cosy and bangle!!! weeeee


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