Dressing up.

Today I thought I would share with you a collection of some of my favourite costumes that I have dressed up in for various occasions. I must say, over the years, I have established some what of a collection and I never fail to have an AWESOME time at a dress up party. 

Feel free to giggle at my expense. I do when I look at these photos. 

Halloween 2008: Every parents worst nightmare

Oktoberfest 2008: Beer wench (apologise to my lovely friend Karl for posting this photo :p)

2008 Pub night: I believe the theme was Cowboys and Indians

2010: 60s Murder Mystery Dinner party (Malcolm X and Twiggy) – after this night I  NEVER wore white tights again. I also recognise that I was WAY off being skinny enough to dress up as Twiggy but known the less, that is the character I was given. This was the first time my main man and I dressed up together. 

2010 Uniform Party: Sister Saintly and Father Feel Good

The Village People housewarming party 2011

Friends Super Hero’s birthday party: Scooby Doo Gang (I was Velma). 

Drop Dead Famous themed Halloween 2011: Zombie Prom King and Queen

Blue/’B’ Themed New Years Eve: Blue Ballerina and my mummy

And lastly, St Patrick’s Day 2012. We just went as ourselves. In green. I made green glittery shoes for this costume (and blue ones for the above New Years costume). I will post a link in tutorials on how to make super glittery shoes. 

Hope you had a good giggle at my costume – or cringe. I am off to deal with a man who has the man flu and my last assignment at uni EVER! 

Night all. xx

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