Super cute ring dish

Okay, so anyone who has seen my house would know that I LOVE little weird storage devices. I am willing to pay a fortune for something that is unusual, different and one of a kind. Talking of one of a kind, what is more one of a kind that your VERY OWN, home-made jewellery bowl? I found this super easy, super quick tutorial (click here for tutorial) over at Honestly WTF. Think I will need to buy some clay at work tomorrow so that I can give it a go – despite my looming exam on Tuesday! Eek! Oh well, a little bit of crafty action never goes astray. Imagine all the different textures you could use in the middle. FINALLY a use for my mounting doily collection. Anyway lovelies, I best be heading back to study. Have a glorious weekend and I will see you all on the other side of Tuesday exam (if I have not ventured back on here in a desperate last ditch attempt to procrastinate). Bye xx

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